With the current industry trend leaning towards baits with a krill profile we saw a space in the market for a high quality krill orientated bait with a difference.

It’s common knowledge that a high percentage of krill in a mix will cause the bait to float due to the characteristic of the ingredient itself. This is why we blend our krill with two other high quality fishmeals, a pure high quality liver powder and a range of bird foods plus Haiths Robin Red at 10% and Haiths C.L.O  before adding our range of devastating spices that include fenugreek, garlic, chilli and a few other in-house secrets, to give this bait a serious kick that carp and Barbel simply love.

Like all of our range, Pandemic is an instant bait which is equally effective for long term baiting.

During testing, the number of big UK fish this bait accounted for was staggering and it’s for this reason we genuinely feel Pandemic is the best spicy fish mix available today.

As well as a devastating Carp bait, Pandemic has also become a firm favourite of Barbel anglers as the pungent aroma is easily detected, even in the fastest flowing rivers.

We have simply lost count of the big barbel Pandemic has accounted for and it has now established it’s self as one of the best Barbel baits available today.