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MAD Baits offers the latest in cutting edge bait technology yet still retains the ‘old school’ feel by not forgetting many of the classic ingredients which have stood the test of time. We genuinely feel one of the main factors to our ongoing success is our constant pursuit of the highest quality ingredients available today.

Our team spends many hours searching for, obtaining and testing hundreds of different products, many never seen in the angling world before, to ensure we are constantly giving our customers the best baits available.

The current industry trend seems to be to supply customers with cheaper and cheaper baits and although this may be more cost-effective for the company, it’s certainly not what’s best for the customer. At MAD Baits we firmly believe that the product is more effective when made with the finest ingredients not cheap bulking agents. This is why all our products are made and rolled to order and sent out fresh as possible to our customers to ensure they reach you in the best condition possible.

The effectiveness of any bait is determined by its track record and all our baits work on both instant attraction as well as a long term food source and have accounted for many big fish both home and abroad. As we are trying to catch the fish, not the angler, we keep our range to a limited selection of products that have proved successful for our customers, testers, and consultants and have continued to bring them results. When an angler the caliber of Jerry Hammond, who has all the choice in the world, picks your products, you know you must be doing something right. It’s no wonder more and more big fish specialists are turning to our dedicated range of products in their pursuit of big carp.

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