The Nutz is a high quality blend of Milk Protein powders, crushed and ground Tiger, Peanut and Brazil nuts. This all year round bait also includes Haiths C.L.O Coconut, Coconut milk, Hazel Nut Oil, Hemp Oil and GLM, plus a few key ingredients we can’t reveal.

Subtle in colour and highly attractive, The Nutz is a devastating bait when combined with our Wicked Whites in both shelf life or frozen. This is a tactic regularly used by our top consultants and often outwits the bigger fish.

If you are looking for an all year round bait, that carp simply cannot resist, then look no further than The Nutz.

After a long testing process we have now added in the wicked white flavoring and additives to this bait making it a much creamier all round bait.