May 11, 2020

Product Preference

Author: Adam Garland

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As Head Consultant of MAD Baits, I’m regularly asked: “which product should people be using?” As with most people, my opinions and preferences are based on my own experiences and are likely to conflict with those of others.

I did my angling apprenticeship in a time when it was widely accepted that for the best results, we should be using fishmeal in the summer and a nut/milk bait during the colder months.

I fully accept that nowadays most fishmeal baits are put together with the intention of being an all year round option, but at the time when companies first started to produce their winter versions, I couldn’t help but think they were altering an already successful product to make it fit the situation instead of using the best possible product at that given time. For me, this just didn’t seem right, so I tried to stick closely to my already successful methods.

As the years have passed, the part of the season where I wanted to use a fishmeal bait has decreased greatly and I’d go as far as to say that currently, this period is no more than around six weeks a year!

That being said I now feel that by changing baits for this short period of time I’m not really gaining anything.


For me the Nutz gives me everything I could want in a bait, containing several high-quality Nut products and a proven long term attractor package. I’m yet to find a carp that won’t eat it!

I’ve always liked the idea of washed-out baits and I’m confident that they are a very successful way to get quick bites! However, I don’t like the thought of all the high-quality attraction being removed from my baits.

How often do you turn up at the lake and catch carp quicker than expected? Could it be you are fishing over someone else’s bait and Is there anything behind the success of certain colour hook-baits?

White, although blatant, resembles the colour of most baits that have been in the lake a while. So a single white hook-bait cast on top of the previous angler in the swims bait could prove to be extremely deadly!

However there is a lot of luck involved In that if you aren’t aware of everyone who has been in the swim and exactly what bait has been introduced.

Imagine If you could replicate this exact scenario every time you fished! Well my favourite method of boilie angling is just that!

Combining Nutz and Wicked Whites in either shelf life or freezer bait at a rate of 70-30 in favor of the Nutz will give you this same effect! Simply fish a Wicked Whites pop up or wafter over the top of your baited area and sit back confident in the knowledge you are angling with a bait that the carp deem as safe to eat! Containing the same incredibly effective attractors, these two baits combined offer a devastating method I doubt will ever blow! On close observation, the carp will actively pick out the white baits first and feed with a little caution when doing so!

Give it a go!

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