Spring Preparation

With most of the country being on lock down, now is the ideal time to be sorting out your kit and getting everything ready and prepared for your next outing on the bank. Like most anglers, over time my tackle becomes cluttered, dirty and generally unorganised after a...

Chasing Targets

As I sit here now tapping away on my iPad, it’s 10.30 am and already 35 degrees but a nice refreshing cool breeze takes me back to last spring and summer on the big pit. Well I say big pit and I suppose it is really in comparison to some I have fished, but at 50 acres...

The Big Move

2019, what a year the prospect of a move to Cornwall looming and my fishing time very limited with getting my home ready for sale and all the other things associated with relocating to a different part of the country.  Sooner than I wanted the time had flown by...

A Change was Needed

For as long as I could remember I had always fed a mix of boilie and particle in my angling and as the method wasn’t broken then I felt no need to fix it. I had noticed though, that the times when I felt a boilie only approach was the answer, that my results had...
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