Strawberry Wicked Whites Boilies 5KG

Strawberry Wicked Whites Boilies 5KG

£44.95 £38.21

Bright in colour and rich in flavour, this highly digestible all season bait contains a range of milk protein powders all the bird foods including the Sluis CLO have been removed and replaced with red egg food and red birdfood to give the bait flecks of red.

We add green lipped mussel extract, betaine, vanilla extract, refined milk proteins, maple extract and butter cream added to this classic mix is a strawberry ester and a jam flavouring  to give this bait a creamy taste carp will hunt out time and again.

An extremely effective bait in it’s own right, the Wicked Whites have proved devastating for consultants, team members and customers alike when combined with one of our highly digestible food baits.

So if you’re looking to gain an edge and keep one step ahead of both the carp and other anglers, get on the Wicked Whites and watch your catch rates increase!

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