The ASBO is our flagship fishmeal boilie. The brief on it’s design was simple: Include as many high quality digestible ingredients, that would give off the right food signals and would compliment each other, so that we could pack as much into one boilie as possible.

Hundreds of mixes were tried and discarded until the ASBO was born.

Utilising the highest quality pre-digested fishmeals, fermented shrimp concentrate, an exclusive blend of liver and blood powders, Haith’s licensed Robin Red (at a level of 10%), garlic, Corn Steep Liquor, amino acids and a few other ingredients we choose to keep secret for fear of being copied, ASBO is an instant bait but equally effective on a long term baiting campaign.

Containing various ingredients often forgotten in the industry today, the ASBO is responsible for more PBs than any bait we know. With UK captures of over 60lb and foreign captures that exceed 70lb, it’s no wonder that the ASBO is a firm favourite for many anglers